The Healing Game

The Healing Game

A Story of Loss and Renewal

Kevin and Suzy Taggart's life was perfect.

They raised their combined six children and were enjoying life as empty nesters. With four wonderful grandchildren and another on the way, they had everything they wanted—a great family, friends, careers, and each other.

Then the unthinkable happened. A silent illness struck Kevin down at age fifty-three, and three days after Suzy rushed him to the hospital, he unexpectedly passed away. Devastated, Suzy spiraled into a depression so deep she never expected to crawl out. Grieving, two weeks after Kevin's death, she began writing a journal to him; through it and with the help of God, her counselor, and support from family and friends, she was able to climb her way out of the black hole.

The Healing Game shares Suzy's journey of losing her beloved husband, hitting rock bottom, and painfully finding her way back to her life. Suzy's deeply personal writing reveals how she learned to grieve, work through her emotions, remember the good times, and once more embrace love.

For those who have lost a loved one, The Healing Game not only offers comfort and support, but also shows you that God is ever-faithful and always by your side.

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